After Care

Bellabie Lashes has been tested for durability and longevity. With the correct application and after care, your lashes can be worn up to 15-20 times.*

After Care 

Step 1 - Remove lashes

Starting from the outer edge, gently peel away the lashes from your eyelids. If needed, use an oil-free make up remover on a cotton bud and run along the lash band to loosen the glue. Avoid getting any make up remover on the lash fibres. 

Step 2 - Clean lashes

Hold the lash fibres firmly, gently and carefully remove all the glue from the lash band with your clean fingers or tweezer. 

Step 3 - Store lashes

Place the lashes back in the tray as this will protect the lashes and keep the curve of the band. Your lashes are now ready to be reused.



  • Strip lashes should be taken off at the end of the day and not worn to sleep
  • Do not shower or soak your lashes
  • Avoid mascara on the strip lashes, apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying your strip lashes 
  • Avoid curling your strip lashes with a lash curler as this will ruin the curl of the strip lashes

*The number of uses will vary depending on use and aftercare. Bellabie Lashes will not guarantee 15-20 wears per lashes.